Caching Google page for any website

Sometimes a page refuses to open even if the Internet connection is stable: the  server has crashed, the hosting payment has ended, the security certificate has  expired, and so on. Viewing the cached Google pages can help to solve this  problem. The information below provides answers to how it works, why cached  pages and the Google Cache browser are different things, and what to do if viewing  the Google Cache did not solve your problem. 

How it works

Google Cache pages exist because Google is trying to download the Internet. Once  every couple of days, the Google robot goes through all websites and downloads  them if the website settings allow it. That procedure should not be confused with  caching each page that you visited - Google Cache Browser speeds up the loading  of the pages you visit (browser cache), while Google's global cache collects copies  of all pages somewhere on its servers. 

Google Cache is very convenient if you want to access a crashed website or see  how the page design has changed over the past couple of days. You can view the  Google Cache manually or through our service. Manually: enter a query in a search  engine, get the results, click on the arrow on the right from the website address,  select: "View the cached version of the site". Through our service: enter the URL in  the field, click on "Google Web Cache", get the page.

Our service has one significant  advantage over the manual method: to view the cached version in the standard  way, first you need to find the website in the search engine (which is impossible if it  is no longer indexed), while our tool allows you to bypass this problem and  immediately get the cached version of the site through the link.

Other ways to view Google Cache

There are no other ways to view Google Cash. Although, if you cannot find the  desired saved copy through the described ones, use the Web Archive button.

This  service works differently: instead of creating one copy every few days and  overwriting old ones, it makes copies every few weeks or months and saves them,  which allows you to get access to old versions of the site.